square image of renwable energy wind turbine against blue sky
wind turbine


Wilhel Energy provide a specialist financial advisory service focused on raising capital and providing consulting services for companies operating in the energy sector.

We develop and administer highly structured bespoke financing packages for our clients, who include developers, project owners and corporations who are looking to raise and deploy capital in the most cost effective and efficient manner. We also provide consulting and financial services for private equity groups and high net worth individuals requiring advice on specific investment opportunities.

Our global network of partners have vast expertise in investment banking, legal, tax , accounting and project development culminating in  a first class  energy sector business solution.

We have combined experience in consulting and raising capital for some of the most successful  energy businesses. A truly independent advisory, we have no vested interest in any particular market, product, service or institution and as such are not bound to build services around such constraints, meaning the solutions we provide are entirely tailored to our clients and optimised around their needs.


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