Wilhel Media was founded to facilitate the financing of quality media projects, and to manage the logistical operations of large-scale media and entertainment projects worldwide.

Wilhel Media raises finance by sourcing the investor(s) for specific projects from our extensive network of global contacts. Investment in our projects are exclusively tailored for private equity groups and high or ultra high net worth investors seeking alternative investment opportunities to enhance and diversify their existing portfolios.

As a result, we carefully select the individual projects we are involved with. Before committing to any media project, Wilhel Media places emphasis on: 

  • Creative value
  • Commercial potential
  • Due diligence of all parties involved
  • Comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the budgets
  • Sales projections

Our multi-disciplinary team of consultants has a wealth of project experience ranging from finance, project management and logistics, and marketing.

With our wide network of partners and contacts across Europe, The USA, South & Central America, The Caribbean, and Africa, the Wilhel Media team has been at the heart of the highest profile media projects globally.

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